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If Serving Feels Below You, Leadership is Way Beyond You

If Serving Feels Below You, Leadership is Way Beyond You post image

There is one magical way to unlock your leadership. In fact, I know of no quicker way to connect with those you lead and start building trust than through doing this.

What is it? It’s acts of service. Committed personal service.

Selfless service signals a number of things in your leadership to others. It conveys that you care, that you can be trusted, that you are approachable and that you are someone to be followed.

In other words, your service to others can literally help you become the leader others want to follow, not have to follow. Here are three things that service focused leaders do, that others don’t.

1. Service focused leaders look for opportunities. A habit of service is created when you are regularly looking for opportunities of service. Look! They are all around.

Need proof? Watch the following video. When this father saw an opportunity, he didn’t watch and wait, he jumped in with his full body to help.

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As a leader, you have opportunities all around you to do the same. Just look!

2. Service focused leaders make time for opportunities. You have to make time to serve.

It is human nature to create over-ambitious and over-scheduled days. If you fail to make the time to serve, you are going to fail to notice the opportunities to serve because you will be too busy.

When I work with leaders, I encourage them to simply block off 20 to 30 minutes a day to serve. To walk around the office and just find time.

One leader I know found a simple and impactful way to serve his team through making the time to serve.

In his words, “My team works in an office where they are each in cubicles. These cubicles go through the entire office. Because of my height I often look over their cubicle walls to say hi or to speak with them. Normally once a month, or more often, I get Lysol wipes and wipe down the tops of their cubicles to get all the dust off. Sounds funny, but it has meant a lot to the team over the years.”

3. Service focused leaders’ hearts are right. Doing service for the right reasons is as important as the act of service itself. Service can be as selfish as it is selfless.

If serving isn’t done for the right reasons, it will have the wrong conclusions. It has to come from the heart. It has to come from a place of genuinely caring about others and putting them first.

If service is below you, leadership is beyond. Take the time to serve and your team will find the time to help you. Unlock your leadership today.

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