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Make Your Boss Happy All Year Long – 5 Super Tips

Make your boss Happy, Happy Boss

Being a boss can be lonely, as I am sure most of you who read this blog can relate to. But it has its perks as well, right? You get to call the shots, get to choose when to come and go from work, get lots of money and many more. You’re with me, right? Maybe not…

The reality is most jobs in leadership are hard. And so is your bosses as well. So how do you make your boss happy all year long?

Maybe you send her a generic card on bosses’ day and get everyone on the team to sign it. Or, maybe you order and send him a gift card. No doubt those things make bosses happy-I know they make me happy.

But when is the last time you truly made your boss feel loved, valued and appreciated beyond bosses day? Here are five things that will make most bosses happy all year long. If you want to pass this list on to the team’s you lead as well, go right ahead 🙂

1. Get to Know Them. When is the last time you showed an interest in your boss? Most of us like sharing things about ourselves and so does your boss. Ask a question about his or her family, hobbies, likes, dislikes, etc.

Many of our bosses show an interest in us, but we take little time in showing an interest in them. Taking an interest in your boss shows you care. It also might help you better understand why he or she does some of the things they do.

2. Smile-Be Happy. A great way to make a boss happy, is to be happy. Negative people are a drag and a burden. Look to lift others up instead of pushing them down.

And try to smile more. Smiling makes you happy, teammates happy and, your boss happy. Additionally, smiling uses less muscles than frowning and once you start smiling more, you will notice others starting smile more as well.

3. Stop the Whining. Nobody wants to be around a whiner and bosses are particularly sensitive to them. Instead of whining about problems, bring solutions and come prepared to do whatever you can to personally fix the problem.

4. Demonstrate a Little Empathy. Most of you who read my blog are leaders, and you know what it feels like when others don’t understand decisions you have to make. Instead of jumping to conclusions, take a breath and put yourself in your bosses’ shoes. I bet it wouldn’t take you too much energy to do so. If you are a leader yourself you know the types of difficult decisions they have to make and the kind of burdens they carry.

5. Appreciate and Recognize. Unfortunately, it has been my experience that few employees recognize and appreciate their bosses. Their teams act like they should magically know how they feel about them. But just like those they lead, leaders like to be appreciated and recognized as well. Have you done this lately? We all need a positive lift and a positive word from time to time.

Those who take the time to make their bosses happy are valued more by them. Who doesn’t love an employee that practices the five suggestions above?

The boss and employee relationship is unique, and like any relationship it needs nurturing and nourishing. it would be worth your while to take the time to implement all five of the tips above regularly and as you do, you will find your relationship with your boss improving in remarkable ways!

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