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My 9th and 10th Tips to Help You Waste Time in Meetings

Back in February I wrote a very popular post titled "8 Important tips to help you waste time in meetings." I now have a 9th and a 10th tip to help you waste even more time. As I continue to observe these types of great time wasting tips, I will post them.

9. At the end of every meeting ask if anyone has anything else. And when nobody responds right away, make sure you let silence work for you. This will ensure someone has something even after the meeting should have already ended.

10. When setting up a room for a meeting ensure that you set it up "classroom style." You will want everyone in rows all facing towards the leader of the meeting. Doing this will help stifle group participation and effectiveness in the meeting and ensure that the leader of the meeting drones on and on and that only his or her opinions are heard.  

What is your biggest tip for wasting time in meetings?


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Mike Rogers