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My Son’s Cute Portrait – What is your calling as a leader?

I am a child of god. What is your calling as a leader?

Great leaders have a calling; a purpose to what they do. A significant part of that calling is to help others become what they have been called to do. To see things they don’t see.

My six year old son, who was four at the time of the below drawing, proudly came to us one afternoon displaying a self portrait titled “I am a child of God” that he had drawn in church that day. It is cute, and I believe inspiring. Each of us is a child of something. It is a requirement for leaders to see something greater in others than they see in themselves and to help them see the same thing.

As a father, and leader to my son, what is my responsibility? I believe it is to help him understand that he has a significant purpose in life. I must provide him the encouragement, skills and opportunities to discover what that purpose is. Is it any different in business, teaching, coaching, or other walks of leadership?

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