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Overcoming Personal Intimidation for Leaders – 3 Ways That Work!

Intimidating and Intimidation and Leaders

Have you ever felt intimidated? Most won’t admit it, but from time to time whether you are new or seasoned, personal intimidation can play an unfortunate role in your life. It’s paralyzing as a leader.

By looking up to someone and admitting that we feel less than that person, means we are entertaining feelings of less worth and self doubt. This can lead to feelings of low-self esteem, anxiety, nervousness and even shyness for some. It can cause us to perform poorly in some situations and even entirely avoid others.

Intimidation can stifle our creativity and opportunities for greatness. Here are three ways you can overcome these feelings immediately.

1. Realize we are all human. A number of years ago I was serving in a voluntary role as a minister of my church. I oversaw the spiritual and temporal welfare of over 800 individuals and families. I counseled with members of my congregation many, many hours.

Among those I led included a number successful people by the worlds standards. One of the things I quickly observed was that under every roof, every family had challenges -every family . Whether those challenges included marriage, children, health, finances, spiritual struggles, death…, no one was immune from them.

No CEO, president, director or manager is void of challenges either – they are all human. Everyone has their challenges, and everyone has their share of mistakes. Once you realize that these “important” people put their shoes on in the morning the same way you do, it creates a new perspective.

The truth is, as human beings, we are all much more similar than we are different. Personally it is important that we stop putting people on a pedestal that we may feel intimidated by. While it is good to celebrate achievement and greatness, neither achievement nor greatness should give anyone the right to feel less important.

2. Don’t avoid. Maybe you are intimidated to speak in front of a group of senior leaders. Maybe you fear Public Speaking and Stage Frightasking for something you need from your boss because he/she is intimidating.

The more experiences you have doing the “unknown,” the more you begin to realize it isn’t like the stories you have created in your mind. You become more comfortable with those things you do repeatedly.

You never overcome feelings of intimidation and self doubt by avoiding – it’s impossible. Instead just do it. Watch the following funny video on how to overcome your fears, for inspiration 🙂

3. Approach with love. I understand this might feel a little fluffy and soft for some of you, but it really works. Every situation you approach that feels intimidating, believe, really believe, those you are interacting with love you.

Have you ever felt intimidated by someone who loves you? I am sure you would answer “no” of course. We aren’t intimidated by those we know love us because we know they have our best interest. We trust them and know they want everything good for us. They make us feel important, which is the opposite of feeling intimidated.

It’s a mindset. If you believe people don’t care, they probably won’t. But if you really believe they do, you will find they all do.

Don’t let others intimidate you. As a leader you will become weakened by it. Instead, choose to be yourself, full of as much greatness and potential as anyone else. Believe in you, and you will believe others do too, and in most cases you will be spot on!

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