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Active Listening Skills – 5 Tips for Leaders to Listen Better

Leadership requires strong communication skills. Critical to those skills is the need for leaders to listen more and talk less. How well do you listen when others are talking? Today these skills are becoming even more important for leaders due to the amount of distractions. I can remember several years ago sitting in a colleagues office […] Read more

Girl with hand to ear – Are you listening leaders?

I will admit that occasionally I don’t listen as well as I should. I have this what seems to be innate desire to “fix things.” I want the persons pain to go away and then help them with their next problem instead of taking the time to actively listen. When a person is really struggling, […] Read more

Leaders keep their cool during conflict

Keeping a cool head during conflict can sometimes be difficult. Especially when it is perceived as or becomes personal. If you think there is a good chance there could be unhealthy conflict, here are a few basic tips that have worked for me.