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Increase Team Loyalty Through Better Leadership Loyalty – Defend Teams, Celebrate Team and Promote Teams

Leaders that defend, celebrate and promote their teams demonstrate loyalty and in return gain loyalty. All three of these behaviors have a huge impact on how you are perceived as a leader and what you get in return from your team(s). Let’s review each of them in more detail. 1. Defend. A friend of mine […] Read more

Teamwork, team members, teammates, members of a team – important question every member of the team should ask themselves.

You read that right. This is not about the #1 question every leader should ask his or her team. This is a question that every member of the team should ask themselves to improve teamwork. I had lunch the other day with a good friend of mine who is a Doctor in the Emergency Room. […] Read more

I have always believed that teams must spend focused time on strengthening relationships between team members.