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Kind Leader – Leadership Tips

Being kind isn’t as difficult as you might think. And by practicing some of the suggestions below on a regular basis you can eventually make them habits.

It is always refreshing for me personally to run across a leader like Steven from time to time. I have had a lot of respect and in some cases more loyalty for leaders who could be genuinely emotional on occasion. I am talking about open leaders who could share an inspiring personal story and could shed tears. Or leaders who could cry with those they lead because they care.

The six tips below will ensure that you wipe any hint of a genuine smile off your face.

I mean I literally sometimes envy the man in the big maroon truck that comes down my street every Friday morning with his attached mechanical arm picking up garbage cans.

This last week I learned a great deal about being more productive. During a typical day most of us are fairly unproductive, right? Be honest now. We could probably stay focused and work a half a day and spend the other half doing something besides trying to convince ourselves we worked a whole day. But chats in the hall and office, internet excursions, trips to the copier making sure we walk by the bosses office so he or she can see we are busy, e-mail etc… can make for non productive moments and some times days. Be honest now…