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Father: There’s No Leadership Calling Like It! – Super Inspiring Video post image

Wouldn’t you agree that there isn’t any other leadership position in the whole world better or more important than being a parent? All leaders have their challenges, but when the day is done, the challenges we have in our own homes are the most important challenges we have. They require our undivided attention, and our […] Read more

These last two weekends I have had the opportunity to play Mr. Mom, and I mean big time Mr. Mom with five of my eight kids (15 year old girl and boys that are 12, 9, 6 and 4). I’m not use to it, but it has been an experience I wouldn’t mind having more (but nobody tell my wife that). Not because I enjoy dealing with every sibling squabble, washing every dirty dish, delegating chores or even making sure everyone gets off to school without a hitch at four different times!