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Girl with hand to ear – Are you listening leaders?

I will admit that occasionally I don’t listen as well as I should. I have this what seems to be innate desire to “fix things.” I want the persons pain to go away and then help them with their next problem instead of taking the time to actively listen. When a person is really struggling, […] Read more

Better team building activities

A leader, for example, decides that his or her team needs to be more cohesive. It is agreed upon that the team will do some team building. So they hire a “team building expert” to come in and do some activities. The problem isn’t necessarily the activities, but the lack of planning and understanding what the teams needs are. Here are three important things to consider when doing team building activities.

Leaders need to tell those who are rowing where they are going and why. This article gives four practical communication suggestions for leaders that can be applied now.