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How To Waste Time in Conference Call Meetings

Important Tips for Meeting Participants and Facilitators of Conference Calls Most of us are looking for ways to waste time in conference call meetings, right? Of course! Otherwise we wouldn’t spend so much time in them as meeting participants. So, I thought it would be helpful to share my personal top five important tips for […] Read more

annoying conference call

Okay, are you looking to annoy the heck out of some of your telephone conference call meeting participants? What the heck, right? We all love to annoy conference call participants through phenominal facilitating. At least that has been my experience on the thousands of calls I have had the fortunate time of wasting my time on.

Annoying Conference Calls – Funny Video

If you are someone who is on conference calls as part of your job you will appreciate this comedy routine. What annoys you about conference calls?