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Intimidating and Intimidation and Leaders

Have you ever felt intimidated? Most won’t admit it, but from time to time whether you are new or seasoned, personal intimidation can play an unfortunate role in your life. It’s paralyzing as a leader. By looking up to someone and admitting that we feel less than that person, means we are entertaining feelings of […] Read more

Boosting and Improving Confidence as a Leader

Most leaders if they were asked if they have ever struggled with confidence and self-doubt, and they were honest with themselves, would say yes! Lack of confidence as a leader comes from many places including how we feel about ourselves and how we believe others feel about us. Confidence allows leaders to stand up for what […] Read more

New Leader – Follow Me

Being the new leader or person in charge of any organization can bring with it a lot of challenges, self doubt and worry. Why?