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Tip on Sending Email for Leaders. Wait before sending that email.

Okay, you have all been there, right? You are frustrated at someone or something, maybe angry, hurt or all of the above. You decide that email is your best option to communicate how you feel. Whoaaa! Wait before you send that angry email.

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Do you have a need to waste lots of time at work? Most of us are on the lookout for a tip or two from time to time, right?

Leaders Listen

There are some of us (and you know who you are, right?) who are in denial that they are addicted to these devices. A little while ago I was chastising one of my children for texting while we were having a family discussion. I accused him of being addicted and that it was rude and inconsiderate. I am embarrassed to say that my children quickly reminded me that it was no different than the five times I had pulled out my Blackberry that night during our discussion to check e-mail – touché.

Try this some time. When in your email in-box next time, press the shift key and highlight every email by clicking on the first and then the last email with your mouse. Then press the delete key. It’s magic! Everyone of them disappear. You now have more hours to do other things.

Wow, the response continues to be overwhelming! I put out the question “what is your best time management tip, and to this point I have received over 500 tips! Read below about three great time management tips for using e-mail. How often do you get e-mails responding to things you didn’t need a response to? Here is a simple and nice tip from