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erode trust

Swearing at work

Last night we went as a family to watch a Major League soccer game. The team we were cheering for won the game in the 93rd minute! It was a thriller. But what wasn’t so thrilling was the language used by the two “early twenty somethings” behind us. While no “F” bombs were dropped (thank goodness), the language that was used was offensive, and especially offensive to two parents trying to enjoy the game with their four little boys (ages 15, 12, 9 and 7). The offensive language fortunately stopped after both my wife and myself stared them down in disgust.

Leadership Riddle – Frog

Leaders must not simply decide to do something, they must do it. One quick way to erode leader trust is for the leader to commit to a decision a team or employee has made and then do nothing or very little about it.

Bad Language

I am sitting in the airport while I type this post and next to me is a lady cursing up a storm on her cell phone. It’s bad enough that people feel they have to talk loud enough for people two terminals away to hear, but the language on top of it is too much for me to bare. Is it offensive to me?

Do you want to destroy the trust of those you lead, but still feel like a leader? Well, I have three suggestions to help you get there sooner than later. Most leaders do one or all of these so I thought it might be helpful to pass them on in case you weren’t aware of some of them and needed some help.