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3 Important tips to help you destroy trust, but still make you feel like you are leading people.

Do you want to destroy the trust of those you lead, but still feel like a leader? Well, I Dynamite have three suggestions to help you get there sooner than later. Most leaders do one or all of these so I thought it might be helpful to pass them on in case you weren't aware of some of them and needed some help.

1. Tell people you will do something and then forget about it. It is always fun to get people excited about something you actually have no intention of doing. You will enjoy the reaction on the faces of those you lead as you promise them things you can't deliver on. You will feel like you are fulfilling every-ones needs while at the same time destroying trust. It is a powerful combination!

2. Never, never act like you care. Make sure you keep your door closed a lot and give the impression you are really busy. Reply to email with one or two word responses like – good, sounds good, great, fine, works etc… Make sure your body language is aligned with not caring. Show no emotion as people talk to you. If you act like you care some might mistake it for weakness : ) If you send the clear message you don't care people won't bother you as much and they won't bring their problems to you. As a leader you will save time and become more efficient!

3. Blame others for poor results. Never point the finger at yourself. By blaming others you are holding them accountable while at the same time feeling pretty good about yourself. This will also ensure others are job eliminated before you. It's only fair since you are the captain and if it wasn't for your sailors the ship would have never sunk. They should have worked harder to plug the holes!

What other ways can you erode trust and continue to feel good about your role as a leader? I know there are a bunch more ideas out there. Have fun. Please comment below.

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