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Is saying thank you that important for leaders?

It’s simple, but more powerful than you might realize. The words “Thank You” are two words that some leaders neglect to say enough. Have you ever had the unfortunate experience of doing something and not being thanked? How does it feel?  Thankyou

Why do I say these two words are powerful? Because by neglecting to say thank you; you lose some respect. People will view you differently as a leader. You might even possibly lose the opportunity for someone to do something nice for you again. I would encourage all leaders to express gratitude often towards those they lead. Be genuine, specific and timely in your gratitude and watch what a difference it makes.

Saying thank you can be as easy as verbally telling someone, writing a quick hand-written note and placing it on the keyboard of the person you are thanking before you leave for the night, making an unexpected phone call, sending a quick e-mail, giving a candy bar or single flower, baking some cookies or providing a favorite snack. There are a multitude of ways to say thank you, just do it. People like grateful leaders.

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