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great leaders care

Leaders – Never Underestimate the Power of This One Thing (+Video) post image

What matters most to those you lead? Answer: It’s caring. Leaders who have heart, will also have the hearts of those they lead. I love the following video that demonstrates this in a beautiful and simple way. We all have an innate desire to be cared about, to feel valued – to be loved. Leaders, never […] Read more

Courage – Man Leaping Between Two Buildings

Personally I am afraid of a lot of things including conflict. I don’t like it, I haven’t ever liked it, and I don’t think I will ever like it. Whether it’s discussing with an employee poor performance, approaching a parent of one my child’s friends about a concern, or even calling an insurance company to […] Read more

Leader’s Care

The first practical advice someone could give to an aspiring leader in helping them make the transition from manager to leader is to care. Because great leaders care. If you don’t care, you are nothing as a leader.