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Leading with Love Means More Courage To Lead Those You Love

I was on social media this morning and came across something that bestselling leadership author Jon Gordon said, “I’m convinced that the two biggest keys for leading others are love and accountability, but to have accountability love must arrive first.” And I completely agree with Jon. In fact, without love, you won’t have the courage […] Read more

Caring Leadership – True Story of Leader

Inspiring Leadership Story I just finished reading a really good book – “The Power of Nice – How to Conquer the Business World with Kindness.” I would highly recommend it to all leaders. In the book the authors tell a story of General Dwight D. Eisenhower that I had never heard before, but touched me deeply […] Read more

Free Hugs Love and Leadership

I found this inspirational leadership video gem the other day. This is a story about Tim who is the phenomenal owner of the restaurant, Tim’s Place. What makes it all so very special is that Tim has Down Syndrome and is the only known owner of a restaurant with this disability. You will see why […] Read more

Great leaders love those they lead

Here are three tips to help you love and care about those you lead. However, let me preface these tips by saying…