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The Greatest Leaders Refrain From Saying These Things

Leaders say a lot of stuff.  Good leaders carefully avoid saying any of the ten below. Which of the 10 are you guilty of, if any? “I think…” Great Leaders have to sound confident. “I believe” is a much better choice of words than “I think.” I believe sounds convincing, I think sounds weak. “I’ll […] Read more

Team Diversity – Pots – Team Effectiveness

Do you believe that a more diverse team leads to a more effective team? The following teamwork story powerfully illustrates how any member of a team can be an important contributor regardless of how unique or different he or she may be. The story is told of an old and weathered Chinese water bearer who […] Read more

Goal Failure Goal Success Learn

The other day I was asking my 12 year old son how basketball practice went (he is playing with a new year-round competitive team), and how he feels he is doing. He said, “Good.” That’s the typical answer I get from him, so I decided to dig a little deeper. I asked, “What does your coach say when you make a mistake?” His response was music to my ears, “He ask me if I know what I did wrong. I say yes, and that’s it.” I asked, “What happens if you make the same mistake again?” He said, “Then he helps me to get it right.”

Integrity in leadership

Here are two leadership and integrity stories that you might want to share with your teams. Both stories have something very interesting in common.

Great Leaders Nurture

Sometimes people just need someone to listen to them. Other times they just need a little understanding and a sensitive act of service. I love this video and wanted to share it. I believe it can transform the way you look at things as a leader. It has already had a large impact on my thinking.