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helping employees feel valued

Hilarious Video of Dwight from the Office Going the Extra Mile as an Employee

As leaders, we all love having those employees who we really value, that go the extra mile and do a great job on every assignment and project that we give them. However, have you ever had someone not only go the extra mile, but also get lost along the way? Their intentions were good, but […] Read more

Helping Those You Lead Feel More Valued. Trick for Leaders

The number one reason people leave companies has more to do with us as leaders than any other factor. It’s not as much about the money as it is about us. And one of the things employees want most is to feel valued and appreciated – which is mainly on us. And it’s not that […] Read more

Leading With Care – Sugar Beet Leadership Story

Are you Leading with Care? Great Leaders Care! I believe most would agree that there are big differences between managers and leaders. Leaders can’t be effective without leading with care and helping those they lead feel valued. I recall a story I had heard several years ago. A farmer and his workers had just finished […] Read more

I was in the office of a manger of a fairly large company not too long ago. In this office the manager proudly displayed the certificates of achievement his department’s employees had earned. He was a senior leader and very proud of the things employees had accomplished even two or three levels down the hierarchy.