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inspirational leadership

Inspirational Leadership

Inspirational people are the staple of great things. People’s lives are inspired by people. There isn’t one of us who has done great things that hasn’t been influenced by someone else great. As a leader are you having a positive influence on someone’s life? Leadership is about inspiring. Here are five things inspirational leaders have […] Read more

Inspirational olympic leadership story

With the 2012 Olympics in full swing and many uplifting stories of triumph, overcoming adversity and sacrificing so much surfacing every day, here is one from the past that you won’t ever forget. And if you have already seen it or heard about it, this story will uplift you up again – I promise.

This is a great holiday; make you feel good, type of story. I hope it is meaningful to you in each of your leadership capacities at work, home, church or wherever.

One of our jobs as leaders is to inspire. Whether that is in our homes, volunteer work or business, our job is to inspire others to do greater things than they realize they are capable of doing or achieving. I love this video of Nick Vujicic, who was born without limbs, who is faced with challenges and obstacles every day. Nick is a leader. I hope this video will inspire you today, as it has me.

I just completed my second inspirational leadership video titled “Leaders Care.” This one is based on a true story of two of my kids when they were ages five and two.