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Leader Story – Don’t Judge to Quickly – Leadership Story

Touching and Powerful Story for Leaders to Consider  Leaders should assume positive intent in most cases. Often times we create untrue as well as unfair stories in our head about others. Last week in a blog post titled, “As a Leader I Hate That I Do This – How About You?” I talked about how […] Read more

Change the World – Change Yourself – Story

I am probably like most of you who read this blog, one of my greatest desires in life is to leave a positive impression, example and meaningful works to the world and most importantly my family. The leadership story that follows gave me time to think about that and the difference I am making. Have […] Read more

Once there were a group of frogs merrily hopping through the forest. They didn’t have a Frog3 care in the world until two of the frogs fell into a deep pit. All of the other frogs quickly gathered around the large pit and peered down into its deep vastness. They all begin to scratch their heads trying to come up with a way to help.