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Watch These Leaders Spread Joy – Though a Little Weird (Videos) post image

The more you watch these leaders the more you will love them! You might not consider them leaders in the traditional sense, but they are. Making a difference doesn’t have to be that hard, or even unique. In fact, it can sometimes be just a little weird, but at the same time really simple. Leader […] Read more

Great Unusual Leadership Video

Someone just sent me the following video. There are lots of applications to becoming a leader in this video. The questions I have are who made the biggest difference? The first, second or third guy? And how does this apply to us who are trying to become exceptional leaders? What do you think?

This video asks the question “have you made the transition to leader?” It incorporates beautiful music with stunning photographs and inspirational quotes. Both the video and a guide for using the video in a meeting, workshop or training can be downloaded for free at

Free Leadership Video and Guide

Thank you for your interest in our free video “Are you making the transition to leader?” Simply fill out the form below and click on submit. Once your e-mail is confirmed the video and guide “Suggested ways to use making the transition to leader video.” will be e-mailed to you immediately. We respect your privacy and will not […] Read more