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3 Funny Communication Videos – Share at Your Next Staff Meeting post image

Effective communication in the workplace isn’t always that easy. Here are three hilarious communication videos that you can share at your next team meeting. Each short video highlights how communication at work can go so bad at times. Effective Workplace Communication Video #1 Use the right communication tool. With so many choices (e.g., phone, email, […] Read more

The Greatest Leaders Refrain From Saying These Things

Leaders say a lot of stuff.  Good leaders carefully avoid saying any of the ten below. Which of the 10 are you guilty of, if any? “I think…” Great Leaders have to sound confident. “I believe” is a much better choice of words than “I think.” I believe sounds convincing, I think sounds weak. “I’ll […] Read more

Effective Communication Leadership

I found this very funny communication video the other day. Communicating effectively isn’t always that easy. And the sad thing is that you may not even know you are not communicating effectively until it’s too late. Word choice, tone, clarity and timeliness are all factors to communicating effectively. In this funny communication video gone bad you will see poor choices made around all four.