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leadership starts in the home

Leadership Lessons – What Matters Most – Family

I have been reflecting a lot this week on what matter’s most. I am probably not unlike you in many ways in doing that from time to time. I have been the recipient of many leadership lessons – primarily in my own home. Of all the lessons on leadership I have learned, prioritizing my life to […] Read more

Speaking positive about your spouse – It matters leaders

My wife has always had a way of making me feel good. She will often say things like, “You are handsome,” or “You are a good dad.” Simple, yes. Impactful, yes! I know I’m not the most handsome guy on the block, but she thinks I am. As long as I feel she thinks I am, then I am!

Leadership at home

Years ago I heard the following story. A father was reading the newspaper one evening when his young son asked him if he could play a game. The father who didn’t want to be bothered took a page of the newspaper with a map of the world on it and tore it up in pieces. He told his young son, “take these pieces of the paper and put it back together. When you are done, come back, and then I will play with you.”