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Care about those you lead. Story of Leadership

Leadership Story In a Gallup survey, when employees were asked whether their supervisor or anyone else at work cared about them, only 4 out of 10 strongly agreed with that statement. That lack of caring is startling. If you fail to care about those you lead, they will eventually fail to care about you, the […] Read more

Leader Story on Problems Hang Them

Powerful Story for All Leaders Leadership can be lonely. We have some unique challenges. Where do you go with your problems? The following story might change your life as a leader if you seriously consider the message. Once there was a young father who had been looking for work. A kind old man saw an […] Read more

Don’t Think The Worst in Others Leaders – Beware

Powerful Leadership Story to Consider I love the following story. It has application for all leaders. With so much negative coming to those of us in positions of leadership it is sometimes easy to think the worst in people. Leaders should assume positive intent until given a reason otherwise. The following story I recently heard […] Read more

Donkey Leadership Story – Purpose of a Team

Do you have a team purpose? Knowing the purpose of a team is critical to engaging all participants on the team. The following is a great leadership and teamwork story that highlights the need to identify a team purpose and mission. One day a Merchant was driving his Donkey towards home from the seashore with […] Read more

Leadership Story, Do what you say you will do, Integrity

Have you ever had a leader who said they would do one thing, but did another? How did you feel about that leader? Did he lose some credibility and trust in your eyes? To do what you say you will do is fundamental to your integrity as a leader. But how often do you see leaders do the opposite?