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Powerful personal leadership

It is difficult to measure the total impact we can have on others lives! Each of us has the power to be personal leaders in our own way. I heard this beautiful, yet simple personal leadership story the other day and would like to share it.

Leadership by example. Leadership Story.

I love leaders who lead by example. They are easy to follow and their lessons are so much more meaningful and impactful than leaders that just tell you what to do. Here is a great leadership story of a leader by example.

Leaders Tell Stories – What is Yours

Stories can be drawn from many facets of life. All a leader has to do is start looking for them. Here are three suggestions:

Funny leadership story – seek to understand first

I heard a story the other day that reminded me of the need for leaders and people in general to seek to understand first before getting involved. In my years of observing leaders I have seen many of them jump to conclusions and get involved in issues way too soon.

Everyone once in awhile I come across a truly inspiring personal leadership story that I have to share. Personal leadership is about taking charge of your own life. The title of “leader” is not nearly as important as who you are, what you are becoming, the obstacles you are overcoming and the way in which you share your story. Personal leadership is motivating to those who watch.