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Fun at Work – Great Video

With a little creative thought maybe we could come up with an inventive way to increase productivity in our own workplace. After all, as this video demonstrates, if you can find a way for people to pick up trash (not even their own trash) in a park, surely we could create ways for employees to become more productive by having fun as well.

I mean I literally sometimes envy the man in the big maroon truck that comes down my street every Friday morning with his attached mechanical arm picking up garbage cans.

The other day I was on an executive leadership coaching session. During the call the leader asked me how he could fill others buckets (the act of appreciating, recognizing and rewarding employees) when his was so empty? This is a great question.

I am currently reading “In-N-Out Burger: A Behind-the-Counter Look at the Fast-Food Chain That Breaks All the Rules” by Stacy Perman. It is an interesting story of one of the most successful fast food chains ever. What is it about In-N-Out Burger that has led to its huge success?

Managers that make the effort to build relationships with their employees are able to harvest the power that comes from their greatest asset – people.