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Managing people requires that we take into consideration their differences. Some of those you lead will need lots of direction, while others would prefer you leave them alone. Some will want more monetary rewards, while others prefer recognition or challenging assignments. Customers are much the same way. Providing generic customer service will get you generic customer satisfaction.

I love parades, especially in the small town I live in. It is fun and you can get lots of free candy at my towns parades. All you have to do is wave like crazy and yell. The more excited you are the more candy you get from each of the floats. It is like Halloween in July! It is especially fun to observe people’s behavior at parades. The first few floats were greeted with great anticipation.

A typical experience of a customer coming through their door would include the receptionist coming out from behind the desk and personally greeting them. Their name proudly displayed in the lobby welcoming them. And their favorite beverage presented to them. Such an experience would leave a lasting impact on any customer!

I have been watching a reality show lately titled “The Deadliest Catch.” Now, I am not a big TV watcher; there really isn’t much that appeals to me. But this show is different. For some reason I am glued to it. Maybe it’s the risk these fishermen take with below 0 temperatures, 70 foot waves, little sleep and lots of equipment that can take your head off – literally. Or maybe it’s just simply the sport of fishing. But I think it is most likely the lessons in teamwork.