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How well do you know the people you lead?

I heard a story recently of exceptional customer service. This company, a fairly largeDrink accounting firm, decided they would get to know everything they could about their customers. A typical experience of a customer coming through their door would include the receptionist coming out from behind the desk and personally greeting them. Their name proudly displayed in the lobby welcoming them. And their favorite beverage presented to them. Such an experience would leave a lasting impact on any customer!


What if you were to create similar experiences for those you lead? Ask how Mark’s son Scott did in his football game over the weekend against the Warriors? Bring Mary from time to time her favorite beverage? Ask how Jim’s new piano lessons are coming along? Provide Jennifer a gift certificate to her favorite restaurant on her anniversary?


Such simple personalized acknowledgements go a long way in creating loyalty and increased morale among those you lead, because they know you care.


What are some of the things you have done to let those you lead know you care?



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