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A Gut Feeling When Hiring – Leadership Story

Automatically, I kicked the normal procedure into gear requesting resumes and conducting interviews. At the end of the day, there were only two that qualified for the position. I could have offered the position to any one of them and been done. However, I received a phone call from a person who was living out-of-state and was currently employed at a big city police department. He was asking for a job.

Teamwork doesn’t always happen as you think it will. Here is super inspirational Teamwork

In the daily grind of life we sometimes fail to recognize all of the good that is done on our behalf. Here is an inspirational teamwork story I heard the other day that demonstrates that there are many working on a team that we often times fail to recognize for their good work.

Leader support

I had the opportunity over the weekend to learn some valuable and important lessons about how important leader support is from my 12 year old son. Youth in my church are often asked to prepare a 3-5 minute talk to deliver to our congregation of about 300 on any given Sunday. Through the years I have appreciated this opportunity for my children because of the challenge involved, the opportunity to immerse themselves in an assigned topic and a chance to improve their public speaking skills.

Optimistic story for leaders.

The best leaders are optimistic leaders. Here is a great story for leaders that they can use. I came across a “Dear Abby” post a little while back that I thought you might enjoy. In response to a previous letter, this reader provides an optimistic way to look to the future.

Compassionate and Caring Leadership – Very Inspirational Video post image

I have said on this blog that leadership starts with the individual. It is about relationships, it is about service, it is about love, it is about caring. By serving the ONE, leaders ultimately are able to inspire and lead the masses. Narayanan is one such leader. I am very grateful for leaders like Narayanan.