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Top 5 Benefits of Arriving Early – Try It Today!

Top 5 Benefits of Arriving Early – Try It Today! post image

I am an early person for the most part. I understand the benefits and importance of being on time and even early to a meeting, training, presentation and even church.

While some people get a rush out of being late to everything, it just plain stresses me out, how about you?

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Here are my top five reasons why being early, not just on time, to an event is a big benefit.

1. It Creates Greater Focus and Productivity. I personally like getting to work early, for example, so that I can get a few things done before getting hit with “emergencies.” Arriving early allows me to relax, plan for the day and get a few activities done that require focus before someone is requesting my attention on something else.

In meetings, being early allows you to relax, look over the agenda and prepare to listen. If you are the one leading the meeting, being early is even more important – you need some time to get ready and greet those who arrive.

2. You Get The Best Seat. If you’re like me, I am fairly strategic about where I sit during any given meeting, training or event. Just like a concert, play or church, getting the right seat makes a difference on your experience.Early to a Meeting

Do you prefer to sit next to the meeting facilitator, trainer or presenter so you can hear? Would you rather sit in a hard or soft seat? Do you like the back row or prefer being up front? Arrive early and you have a choice, arrive late and where you sit has already been decided for you.

3. You Are Noticed. Whether it is arriving early at work, a meeting or any other event, people appreciate those who come early. Leaders pay attention to those types of things.

Being early also allows you to spend a little more time with your boss, trainer or presenter before the event begins – never a bad idea. And there are times when you may be awarded an opportunity no one else gets because it was discussed before the meeting and you raised your hand first!

4. You Get Your Pick of the Doughnuts, Snacks and Drinks. If your event is face to face there are usually snacks and beverages of some kind. And while I appreciate the fact that it may have very little effect on the meeting outcomes, it can make the meeting more enjoyable.

The Diet Cokes seem to always go first. Arrive late and your only choice may be the sugar version, or the doughnuts with no sprinkles.

5. Reduces Stress. We all know that stress causes a number of adverse health challenges including headaches, digestive problems, sleep issues, depression, skin conditions, heart disease and even weight problems. Those effects should be reason enough to try to arrive early and cut some of the stress out of your life.

Arriving early allows you time to relax, take a deep breath and prepare. Think about it, you can’t do any of that if you are arriving late or just in time.

Are you a late or early person? What if anything will you change to reap the benefits of being early?

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