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What Do Goats And Teammates Have In Common?

Goats and Teammates Have Something in Common, Happy Team

A new study by scientists at Queen Mary University in London has found that goats recognize different human facial expressions and discovered that they prefer happier facial expressions more than scowling.

20 goats were shown the same human face by scientist. One picture showed someone who was happy and another picture of someone angry. The goats generally went to the happy image and out of curiosity would explore and nuzzle it with their snouts.

News Flash (blinking)! Teammates are also attracted more to happy teammates. Additionally, people are attracted to happy leaders. Are you bringing your happy to the team?

How can you bring more happy? One sure way to bring more happiness into our lives is to give more happiness. If you want a team full of happy and positive teammates, than be happy and positive yourself.

Happiness starts with you and spreads because of you! You can start by serving others, smiling more, complimenting more and celebrating more.

As your team becomes happier, they have an opportunity to help happiness spread throughout the organization. Work as a team to find ways to serve others outside of your team, smile more around the workplace, compliment others frequently beyond your team and bring other teams in to celebrate successes – theirs and your own.

As your organization becomes happier, so do your customers – internally and externally. Everything you personally reflect, that your team reflects and your organization reflects makes everyone better!

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*Keep commitments
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*Take accountability
*Learn from mistakes
*Seek honest feedback from teammates
*Improve personal gratitude
*Refrain from negativity and gossip
*Compliment teammates more frequently
*Celebrate teammates successes
*Extend more kindness
*Seek to understand teammates first before reacting
*Demonstrate greater empathy towards teammates
*Get it done and then some
*Improve personal focus on goals
*Bring solutions, not problems
*Invest in personal development
*Inspire and lead
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