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What Leaders Can Learn About Poor Communication

Poor Leadership Communication Have You Down?

Poor Leadership Communication

Here is a video to lighten up your weekend that demonstrates the importance of strong leadership communication. Though the video does not directly address poor leadership communication, it makes a strong case for solid communication in our organizations.

Many problems in organizations could be  avoided with clear leadership communication. Often times others assume we understand what they are talking about when the truth is we don’t have a clue. Poor communication can result in poor quality, missed deadlines and low morale.

It is always a good idea to assume nothing. Remember to communicate to the level of your audience.  It is also critical to check for understanding. Many problems can be avoided by simply checking for understanding. For smaller interactions just ask. For larger, send out a survey.

Note: Due to Bill Cosby’s unfortunate, heinous and appalling behavior the video that was here as been removed.

Question: What are some things you do to avoid poor leadership communication? We would love to hear your comments below. Or at the very least tell us what you thought about the video? Thanks!

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