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Why Does Bad Training Happen? Funny Video

Bad Training – Sleeping

Bad Training Happens – Even Bad Leadership Training

Okay, I’ve been there, you’ve been there. Your sitting in leadership training listening to really, really bad training. The problem is in the words “listening to bad training.” There are two big problems that I see with most leadership training (not the type I do of course – wink).

1. Too much of what I call Spray and Pray. Too much talking and hoping that trainees will retain what they learn when they leave training. Not enough interaction and application.

2. No accountability to applying what is learned after the training. People must be held accountable for applying what they learn to their jobs. No accountability equals little chance much will be applied.

I think you will appreciate the following old video clip of Father Guido Sarducci of Saturday Night Live fame titled the “Five Minute University.”

I have a request – after watching this very funny video would you please share your thoughts on it and your own experiences with training below. I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

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