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Gratitude is an Attitude. Thankfulness, Gratitude, Thank you

I love Thanksgiving! It is a time to reflect on the most important things in my life and my families life. Are you doing the same? It is healthy to look at those things that matter most and to reflect on each blessing. There is power in gratitude, and the simple, but super powerful words, […] Read More

Leaders Must Say Thank You and Why

Whatever your leadership responsibility is – whether your are a parent, coach, pastor, scoutmaster, business leader or any other type of leader – you need to say two words often and genuinely. They are the words “thank you.” Unfortunately many leaders don’t say it enough. First Reflect “I would maintain that thanks are the highest […] Read More

4 Reasons You Must Take a Nap Daily – Listen Up Leaders (+Video) post image

Listen up leaders, I understand that sleeping on the job is never a good idea. But taking a regular break once a day and napping is a positive practice and every leader should encourage it. Of course napping is not convenient for most of us. But wise leaders understand the power and benefits of naps. Did […] Read More

You are doing better than you know leader.

I think every leader struggles on occasion with the question; what good am I really doing? I believe you are doing better than you realize. It is natural from time to time in leadership, whether you are a manager, parent, teacher, coach or wherever you may serve, to wonder if you have done any good. You […] Read More

What Pack Animals Can Teach You About Leadership post image

Besides being beautiful, animals in the wild are often smarter than we give them credit for. While we have proven more intelligent through thousands of years of evolution and progress, there are actually a number of things that we can learn from our furrier friends. After all, there are some skills animals possess that we […] Read More