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Children Leading

Kids and Leadership Video Kids Define Leaders

The following is an inspirational video of kids and their thoughts on leadership. I think you will agree that they already get it.

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There is so much good in the world! Fortunately with advances in technology we don’t have to go too far to find it. I found the following two videos recently. They are great examples of children leading in multiple ways.

Brothers Stick Together – Children Leading

I had watched the video below some time back and was always hoping I would find it some day. Well, I found it! It is touching and powerful and a great example of children leading. Who is the leader in this video? You might think it is the older brother. Watch more of the video and the answer will become clearer. Please let us know what you think by commenting below.

Shape Employee Behavior – Positive Leader

Several months ago after returning from a week long and grueling business trip I came home to the following sticky note placed carefully square smack in the center of my monitor. I left it there for several months. Why? Because it made me feel great! Am I the best? Well, maybe not, but in his eyes I was. His note really made me want to be.

Leaders Care Video

I am happy to share with you a video based on a very personal and true story of two of my children that taught me a great deal about the most important factor in leadership – caring.