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Do We Even Need Individual Incentives for Performance?

Trophy I have been thinking a lot lately about where the balance is from generating competition between individuals and teamwork. You can incentivize both, but is there some type of balance that needs to be maintained, and what is that balance? There has to be a point in which teamwork can’t exist because individual agendas interfere. But there also has to be a point in which team incentives are so great you have to put aside your own agenda for the good of the team. Maybe there is no balance; it’s one or the other?

In sports the scoreboard is the true measurement of a team – you either win, or you lose. But there are also individual statistics and even rewards such as the most valuable player (MVP) of the game or year. In business we often create bonuses for individual performance and sometimes for teams.

How do you balance it? Should we even recognize the individual? What are the consequences, if any, of only rewarding teams? W would love to hear and learn from you. Let’s discuss. Thanks.


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