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Good Leaders Keep Score

Scoreboard Whether you are Donald Trump, Kobe Bryant, Jack Welch, or Joe the computer technician on the fourth floor, you are best motivated when you know the score. The score can be in the form of revenue, baskets made, products sold, positive customer reviews, touchdowns, resolved tickets and a thousand other things, but as a leader your people and your teams want to know the score.

Here are a couple of quick things to note about keeping score. 1) Ensure you keep score as a team when the task(s) requires a team effort. 2) When the task(s) requires a team effort, reward teams and rarely individuals. Rewarding teams ensures everyone is focused on the same task(s) and it ensures greater accountability amongst the team. Competition among team members is usually counter-productive to teamwork. 3) Create a scoreboard. Put the scoreboard somewhere so that it is visible to everyone on a consistent basis. A scoreboard reminds the team what is most important. 

Does the team you lead have a score? If yes, do you have a scoreboard? What creative things have you done to keep score?

Mike Rogers

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