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Leadership and Team Focus

Focuscamera It’s simple, but powerful, and most teams do a poor job at it. They aren’t focused on the same goals. It is not uncommon for a team to be unclear even about what the goals are. Trust erodes as a result and team members will begin to care more about their own preservation than the good of the team. They will be less likely to buy-in and as a result lack commitment. Communication and keeping the goals out front is the key.

Here are some practical suggestions for getting your team focused.

1.   Pick a few main things with the team to focus on in a set period of time. What are the one or two most important things that you can accomplish in a period of time that will define your success as a team? Picking a few things doesn’t mean you ignore everything else, but it focuses you on what is most important. If everything is important, then nothing is, so focus on the right things.

2.   Ensure that everyone on the team buys-in to the goals.

3.   Create a visible scoreboard. The scoreboard should be something the team can regularly see and captures the progress of the goals.

4.   Make assignments with responsibilities and dates

5.   Discuss the goals every team meeting. Bring in the scoreboard as a visual reminder and have the team report on their activities in relation to the goals.

Mike Rogers