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Great Courage and Leadership Movie

One area of great interest to me is courage and leadership. It is not easy for leaders to have courage in the face of adversity. Whether I agree with the leader’s philosophy or not, I have always had great respect and admiration for those leaders who have moved a company, nation, team or even a family in the direction they believed was right. Amidst the doubters, traitors, critics and unbelievers, these leaders move forward with great conviction and integrity.

Each month on this blog I will highlight movies that tell the story of great leaders. These are movies that inspire me as a leader.


I highly recommend Valkyrie, which is based on a true story. Most of us won’t ever have the opportunity to demonstrate leadership and integrity in the face of death. But Claus von Stauffenberg does. Stauffenberg served combat position in all of Hitler’s major campaigns. By 1942 he decides he must try to help overthrow Hitler. The story is one of great courage by a man who at great odds and risk attempted to overthrow one of the most malicious and evil leaders of all time. There are great lessons about leading in adversity and against all odds in this movie. I highly recommend it. It is out on DVD. Here is the trailer.   


Mike Rogers