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Isn’t it obvious leaders?

Keys The other day I found myself looking for my keys. Something that all of us do from time to time, right? Well, we must have searched for about an hour. I was growing more and more frustrated when I heard our six year old in his high pitched voice say “are these them?” To my astonishment this little hunter of keys had found them in less then 15 seconds after he had heard us talking about losing them. They were right there in front of us the whole time.

Isn’t that how leadership development is for the most part? We spend a lot of time and money only to find that most of what we learn is the same stuff, it’s always been right there in front of us, we just never took the time to apply it? I mean let’s face it; most of this stuff is common sense, right? But we go searching for some magical formula for leading people time and time again through books, seminars, workshops etc… only to hear the same stuff over and over again.

I’m not saying there isn’t anything to learn, there is. But until our behavior changes by applying what is learned, we really haven’t learned anything. And just like my keys, the obvious (common sense) won’t ever be so obvious.

Mike Rogers