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Need a Laugh? Great Video – Good Leadership Qualities Include…

Good Qualities Include Sense of Humor – Laugh Out Loud

Great leaders are contagious. But not in the way that you might traditionally think.

Their passion, inspiration and enthusiasm rubs off on those they lead. They are good at getting others to follow along. After all, that is what leadership is about.

The video below demonstrates several important key qualities of good leaders I would like to point out.

1. One person can make a difference in a number of people’s lives. The man in this video leads others in smiling, laughing and feeling good. He simply does it by smiling, laughing and feeling good himself.

The attitude of the leader has an effect on everyone. Leaders who are upbeat and happy have a much different influence on their teams and organizations than those who are negative and grumpy.

Leaders are contagious.

2. Leaders need a sense of humor. Qualities in a leader come in a number of different shapes and sizes, a sense of humor is an important quality. The ability to laugh at yourself makes leaders more human, creates some vulnerability and as a result increases the trust of those they lead.

However, laughing at others can have the opposite effect if it is done to belittle, includes sarcastic remarks or is mean-spirited in nature.

Leaders laugh.

3. Leaders are persistent. Watch how some in this video seem annoyed by the man laughing. However, eventually everyone is laughing. It can be difficult for leaders, especially new ones, to get people to trust them and their vision. But those solid leaders that stay the course eventually gain support.

Leaders stay the course.

Now it’s your turn. Watch this video and let me know what you find in terms of leadership. Do you agree with my points above? Please comment below.

Note: I dare you not to laugh while watching!

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