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Teamwork Gone Wrong Videos – Great to Share With Your Team and Others

Teamwork Board – Teamwork Gone Bad Videos

A number of our readers recently stated that they especially enjoy our teamwork and leadership videos. They love to share them with their teams and co-workers.

Here are three very brief funny teamwork videos that highlight what can really go wrong with teamwork. Have fun sharing these with your teams! They highlight important concepts leaders should pay attention to.

Video #1 Team Communication Issues

Watch this duo of trainers help this injured player off the field. Once he gets comfortable, they are able to work their teamwork magic. Especially pay attention to the communication issues at the beginning. On teams it is critical that each person on the team understand what the other is doing – oops!

Video #2 Team Planning Issues

Teams can create miracles, even if the execution is horrible. It is a miracle no one was killed in this teamwork gone wrong video. Teams need to have a plan. Notice in this video how this team completely neglected this important principle.

Video #3 Team Trust Issues

Finally, it is critical that on teams we have each others backs. In the following teamwork gone bad video it is evident that a few in this group don’t.

Trust is a critical to the foundations of all teams. And while a “trust fall”, when done properly, may not create a great a degree of trust on a team, a trust fall gone wrong probably decreases it a bit. Don’t you think?

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