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It May Be Teamwork! But Is It Always Productive? 2 Team Videos to Share

Smart Teamwork – Videos of Teams not working so Smart

Two Teamwork Videos That Demonstrate Teamwork Isn’t Always Productive

Is teamwork always productive? When you watch the two videos below you get a sense that may not always be the case.

One of the important challenges of leaders is to foster teamwork. Another challenge is to get teams to be productive.

Your team might work well together, but if they are working on the wrong things, or working a process that is broken or not efficient, it doesn’t matter how strong their teamwork is.

Teamwork and results can be two entirely different things.

You might consider sharing these videos to highlight the need for strong teamwork, but to also emphasize that teams must work smart!

Teamwork Video #1

Teamwork Video #2

What’s your secret sauce to getting teams to work together, but also smart?

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