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3 Amazing Teamwork Videos – Perfect For Team Sharing and Discussion

Teamwork Videos – Amazing Teams – Team Discussions – Training

Try this some time. Take one of the following videos below and share it with your team and then discuss. Teams that take the time to discuss teamwork; it’s meaning, purpose, benefits etc… are better.

Video is a powerful medium for sharing and then discussing. The following three videos are all a little different in terms of the power of teamwork, but each message can bring greater purpose and passion to your teams.

Teamwork Video #1

There is no way one person could do what these two do faster. When it comes to saving lives, every minute counts. Each person on the team has an important role and when that role is performed to perfection it benefits the entire team.

Questions to ask your team:

  • What is so amazing about what these two men accomplish together?
  • What is so amazing with what we accomplish together as a team?

Teamwork Video #2

It is important for teams to celebrate and share in the enjoyment of success. Watch this celebration in pure teamwork as these two canines enjoy the same bone. But what is amazing is they do it together and without conflict.

Another point that could be made is that these cute pups share. One potential barrier to teamwork is the lack of sharing best practices, advice, resources and time?

Questions to ask your team:

  • Are we celebrating our successes together? What kinds of ways do we want to celebrate?
  • Do each of us share with each other? Are we sharing best practices, advice, resources and time?

Teamwork Video #3

This video reminds me of the quote: “No one can whistle a symphony. It takes an entire orchestra to play it. ~H.E. Luccock

This video also reminds me that it only takes one person to start and others will begin to follow. Teamwork can be beautiful and inspiring as this video reminds us.

Questions to ask your team:

  • What are we doing together that is inspiring others?
  • What are we doing as a team that is impacting others?

I hope you enjoyed each of these teamwork videos and were able to use them with your teams and discuss.

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