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One by One Leadership/Everyday Leadership – Great Video

One by one Leadership

The Power of One by One Leadership

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post titled “Are you a Leader? You are a Leader! Big Time Leader?” I made the statement that each of us have the power to lead no matter who we  are or where we sit. We have been blessed by hundreds, perhaps thousands of leaders in our own life and have had the opportunity to be a leader in hundreds of others lives. I like to call this a one by one leadership approach. We all have the opportunity to be leaders in some capacity.

I love the video below I recently found by TED titled “Everyday Leadership.” It supports my  philosophy on the importance of one by one leadership. Drew Dudley argues that we should not see leadership as something bigger than us or beyond us. Doing so only gives us an excuse not to expect it from ourselves and each other. We have the opportunity to change a person’s life. It is the influence in others lives, almost 7 billion world-wide, one by one, that matters. Each of us has incredible power to do this every day.

What are you doing to change lives as a leader one by one? Are you having “lollipop moments?” Watch below.

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