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Should You Manage Your Boss? 3 Reasons this is smart!

Manage you boss. Manage up.

Should you manage your boss?

When you think about managing someone, what comes to your mind? Chances are you think about subordinates or team members. What about managing your boss?

Is it even possible to manage your boss? Sure it is. Managing is not just about telling people what to do. Managing others should include leadership by influencing, inspiring, recognizing and providing genuine feedback. It also includes understanding the weaknesses, strengths, personality styles, goals and needs of those you manage.

Here are three reasons why managing your boss is smart.

1. Your boss deserves it. It has been my experience that most bosses get little kudos and recognition from those they manage. Do they need it? Absolutely! Are they a happier boss when they do? Of course!

A boss needs to be recognized by their team just as much as a team needs to be recognized by the boss.

Bosses also need and deserve honest feedback from you, just like you need it from them. They can’t improve their performance as a leader without direct, timely and genuine feedback.

2. Your team deserves it. If you manage a team, than managing your boss is critical. A good relationship with a boss will help ensure your team gets the support they need.

Think for a moment what happens when you aren’t effectively managing your boss. If you don’t understand her vision and needs, it is going to be more difficult for you to effectively influence and ask for what your team needs.

3. You need it. Managing your boss allows you to be more successful.

If you are providing genuine feedback, you and your team are going to get a better leader. The more you understand her, the more she will trust you and your team. The greater trust your boss has for you, the easier it will be to get what you need from her.

I have found that there is a direct positive correlation with effectively managing your boss and being successful. Of course some are more difficult to manage than others. But my experience has been that it is possible to be successful regardless of who your boss is.

Do you agree? How important is managing your boss to you? Why?

Next week we will discuss how to manage your boss. We will provide some helpful and practical tips to help you manage even the most difficult of bosses.

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