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Super Insightful Steve Jobs Video—Hiring Team Players & Building Teams

Steve Jobs, Hiring A Players, Building Great Teams, Hiring the Best

Do you settle for second best when hiring someone on your team? I think most leaders would answer NO. However, how much time and money are you investing into getting the best? My experience has been—not enough.

In this very insightful and to the point video, Steve Jobs—who knows a thing or two about putting together all star teams—talks about hiring “A” players and not settling for “B” or “C” players. And having those players play on the same team pays huge dividends.

Enjoy the video!

One important element of an “A” player is someone who is a team player. Teammates who are selfless, trustworthy, humble, positive, respectful and striving to be great, are the best kind of team players. My new book, You Are the Team—6 Simple Ways Teammates Can Go from Good to Great talks about each of these in detail. It is an Amazon best seller. Get the eBook or paperback by going here.

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