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being kind

being more kind, unkindness, bully, technique for reacting to someone who is mean

How you handle adversity as a leader says a lot about you as a leader. And, there are ways to handle it appropriately and there are ways not to. I found the following video on bullying. It is done by a man named Brooks Gibbs. He has a really good technique for stopping bullies. He […] Read more

Could This Change Our Lives Leaders?

What if we said every good kind thing that came to our minds? Think about that for a minute. Recently I came across an article on a news website where two girls decided to do just that. One of the girls tells the story, “The thought came after my best friend Stacy and I […] Read more

Kind Leader – Leadership Tips

Being kind isn’t as difficult as you might think. And by practicing some of the suggestions below on a regular basis you can eventually make them habits.